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Kunigi translates as Unite in Esperanto. We believe in Uniting experts to tackle future’s problems.


Pushing things forward.


Jan Bormans

Partner - Innovation Expert

Jan Bormans’ passion is working with people to make innovation and entrepreneurial creativity happen. He has a substantial background in high-tech and uniquely combines an extensive experience in corporate innovation with an in-depth expertise of state-of-the-art ideation techniques. Jan is known for his superior taste in humor.

Mark Decolvenaer

Partner - Business Engineer

Mark De Colvenaer is a seasoned business engineer who loves to 'assemble' and deploy new value models based on state of the art 'enabling' technology. He combines a long experience in new ventures, public/private organizations and big corporates with a hands on, pragmatic and result driven approach.

Matthijs De Block

Partner - Creative Director

Matthijs De Block is a passionate, creative brainiac who has a deeply rooted urge to create innovative projects and businesses. His unique ability to combine strategic thinking with an original creative output makes him the perfect candidate for building a product from scratch and prototyping his way through the wilderness that we call the market. His obsessive need for knowledge generates one-of-a-kind insights for your new venture.

Veerle Decolvenaer

Partner - Project Manager

Veerle De Colvenaer is a result-oriented program manager, broadly experienced and connected in the life sciences area in Europe. Veerle has a passion for sharpening companies’ strategies and for its implementation: identifying collaboration opportunities. Making both incremental and disruptive innovation concrete through supporting the stepwise execution of an action plan, is for Veerle the definition of crossing together the finish line!



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