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We strive to create a better future.

Our mission and values support our overall purpose: shaping a future where people are positive about the world as it could be, creative in seeking the non-obvious, and entrepreneurial in getting things done. 

Crossing the finish line

Towards Change


Multi disciplinairy

Implementing innovation takes a lot of hard work. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, it's not enough to come up with creative and relevant ideas. Making sure these ideas are implementable in your core strategy and reach the market is even more difficult. At Kunigi we pride ourselves in reaching that finish line. Dedication, hard work and a lot of expertise, that's how you reach the finish line.

Change is an attitude that strives towards continuous positive evolutions. These changes do not only infuence your own life, but also the lives of the people around you and society in general. At kunigi we strive to facilitate change that has a positive impact on everyone, rather than on one individual. 

As challenges become increasingly complex, collaborative projects are becoming more and more essential to succes. We believe that for every problem a solution can be found, as long as the right team is pushing forward. We trust in the power of a team and strive towards collaboration together with the most genius minds across the globe.

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Our team

Founding partners

Our founding partners are all specialized in their own way. Together we decided to join forces to amplify our skillset and create better services for innovative projects all over the world.

Jan Bormans

Engineer Ph.d, ScaleUp Expert

Jan Bormans’ passion is working with people to make innovation and entrepreneurial creativity happen. He has a substantial background in high-tech and uniquely combines an extensive experience in corporate innovation with an in-depth expertise of state-of-the-art ideation techniques. Jan is known for his superior taste in humor.

Matthijs De Block

Creative Director

Matthijs De Block is a passionate, creative brainiac who has a deeply rooted urge to create innovative projects and businesses. His unique ability to combine strategic thinking with an original creative output makes him the perfect candidate for building a product from scratch and prototyping his way through the wilderness that we call the market. His obsessive need for knowledge generates one-of-a-kind insights for your new venture.

Mark Decolvenaer

Business Engineer

Mark De Colvenaer is a seasoned business engineer who loves to 'assemble' and deploy new value models based on state of the art 'enabling' technology. He combines a long experience in new ventures, public/private organizations and big corporates with a hands on, pragmatic and result driven approach.

Veerle Decolvenaer

BioTech Ph.d.

Veerle De Colvenaer is a result-oriented program manager, broadly experienced and connected in the life sciences area in Europe. Veerle has a passion for sharpening companies’ strategies and for its implementation: identifying collaboration opportunities. Making both incremental and disruptive innovation concrete through supporting the stepwise execution of an action plan, is for Veerle the definition of crossing together the finish line!

Our team

A team of specialized individuals

Our network of Kunigianen consists of an array of highly-skilled, specialized people. We believe in each one of them and aim to solve any innovation challenge that comes our way.

Dirk Lievens

Innovation Enabler, Business Developer

Experienced in business development, intrapreneurship, OPEN innovation management, corporate venturing, investment banking, M&A, innovation banking, business planning, strategic analysis & implementation and coaching startups. Passionate about entrepreneurship, tech, people-planet-profit, start-ups, crowdfunding, SME & startup financing & open innovation through collaboration.

Laurenz Mets

Expert Development

Laurenz is a dedicated developer, extremely skilled in converting a design into a working website or application. His client satisfaction rate is impeccable and his thirst for knowledge is what makes him a great developer.  Laurenz is a man who you can count on. 

innovation together

Become a part of a unique innovation network

We aspire to create the biggest network of innovation leaders and field experts. By connecting the right people to the right challenge, we can solve high complexity tasks.

Are you specialised within your field?

Are you an innovation professional?

As challenges become more and more complex, specialist are increasingly important in solving the innovation game. Are you a specialist that believes in facilitating innovation? 

We are always looking for people to strengthen our network. We believe great collaboration leads to better result. Ready to start innovating?

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We design qualitative, high speed trajectories to generate the best results in a short amount of time.

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