Wat nu?

Kunigi nodigt je uit om 1 uur lang samen te brainstormen over oplossingen en opportuniteiten voor de huidige crisis.

Wij faciliteren, samen denken we na over oplossingen.

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Impact Brainstorm

Turn things around

Woensdag 25 Maart — 14h UTC+1

Kunigi is gespecialiseerd in het faciliteren van workshops en wil deze kennis gebruiken om samen beter uit te corona crisis te komen. We beginnen met een brainstorm van 1 uur. Waar we eindigen, dat bepalen we zelf.

Plaatsen zijn beperkt, reserveer nu.

Je gegevens zijn veilig bij ons. Ze zullen alleen gebruikt worden voor het verspreiden van info over deze specifieke brainstorm. 

Brainstorm 25 Maart — 14h UTC+1

Our mission and values support our overall purpose: shaping a future where people are positive about the world as it could be, creative in seeking the non-obvious, and entrepreneurial in getting things done. 

We strive to create a better future.

Crossing the finish line

Implementing innovation takes a lot of hard work. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, it's not enough to come up with creative and relevant ideas. Making sure these ideas are implementable in your core strategy and reach the market is even more difficult. At Kunigi we pride ourselves in reaching that finish line. Dedication, hard work and a lot of expertise, that's how you reach the finish line.

Towards Change


Change is an attitude that strives towards continuous positive evolutions. These changes do not only infuence your own life, but also the lives of the people around you and society in general. At kunigi we strive to facilitate change that has a positive impact on everyone, rather than on one individual. 

Multi disciplinairy

As challenges become increasingly complex, collaborative projects are becoming more and more essential to succes. We believe that for every problem a solution can be found, as long as the right team is pushing forward. We trust in the power of a team and strive towards collaboration together with the most genius minds across the globe.

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