Integrating new technologies?

We help you cross your finish line

We integrate tech opportunities and frame innovation challenges. Our multi-disciplinary team rigs up a custom innovation trajectory to develop real-world solutions. From idea to result we can rely on our broad network of experts and a library of proven methods and tools.



Kunigi analyses and detects opportunities within rapidly changing contexts, technological evolution, global competition, sustainability, and regulation. Kunigi helps you to face those challenges and set the right priorities to improve your business model.

Through collaborative brainstorm and strategic bootcamps Kunigi creates the right environment to accelerate solution-based innovation. By collaborating with leading experts Kunigi can mobilize and convert the right knowledge into a usable business case.



From challenge to result, Kunigi can manage the innovation process and create tangible added value for your business. We create access to funding, mobilize multi-stakeholder systems and facilitate service design processes to help you build your new service.

 Additionally, Kunigi has a proven track record in managing and mobilizing complex multi-stakeholder ecosystems. We guide you in growth and implementation.

Analyse and think about your future

Innovation Sprints

Collaborative brainstorm

Explore new directions through a collaborative brainstorm. Leave the table with applicable opportunities.

Innovation Strategy Bootcamp

A 4-day intense Bootcamp to help teams bring their idea/product/solution to the next maturity level. 

Improve your value model

Business acceleration

Business deep dive

Strengthen your value model for the future. Leave the table with refined priorities for future challenges.

Access to funding

Improve your funding proposals. Leave the table with an improved funding dossier.

Ecosystem booster

Embed your business in existing tech ecosystems. Leave the table with new partners and opportunities

Want to improve your services?

Design sprints

 Design Sprint

Together we reframe and validate your product/service design challenge. Walk away with a validated prototype!

Design Optimisation

We optimize your website or application based on user feedback. We build user trust by applying better design. 

In 3 days, your business will be transformed in an accessible brand and at least one designed landing page.

Our multidisciplinairy team

Supporting skillset

Ecosystem Expertise

User Research

Business Engineering

We have a lot of knowledge in different ecosystems. Over the years we have been able to expand our network to many different areas of expertise, such as smart cities, startups, big data and medical. We can help you set up and expand your ecosystem. 

We help you to get to know your user through usage research. We provide advice and an analysis report on how the user needs are related to your product, service and/or company.

Analyse, describe and adjust the business model in such a way that there is a perfect fit between you, your user and the market.

Ux & UI Design

Writing Proposals

Design Thinking

Based on a rough idea, we make a prototype. By working in sprint weeks we are able to quickly develop a validated prototype and use this to implement the desired product or service.

Together we create outstanding proposals and give meaning to the ideas that are in your head by putting them on paper.

We develop design concepts through strategic processes. Design Thinking accelerates innovation in your company.

Innovation capacity

What we believe in

Technology We do have insight into the potential of novel technology and have access to a broad network of technology enablers who can make it happen. Discover the emerging technologies of 2022.
Multi Disciplinarity We build alliances to boost your business. A great idea needs a complex combination of skills and expertise to make it to market.
Creativity A prototype is a tangible outcome of our creative approach. But we go beyond this. And apply creativity techniques to build a business too. 

Every question is different. We have access to a library of standard tools, methods, and techniques but we make sure that our trajectories are adjusted to your needs and context.
Agile methodsEvolution never stops. What was true yesterday, can be questionable tomorrow. The innovation process as such has to be challenged regularly to adapt to continuous learning.
Result Driven innovationResilient value models are built step by step. We make sure that you are prepared for the next step and will cross the finish line.

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