Sharpen future

business strategies.

Business deep dive

Competition, globalization, climate change, new regulation, digitalization. Every value model is prone to internal and external market fluctuations. SME horizon is a custom-designed trajectory for SME's who want to think forward. Together we define strategic opportunities and priorities that strengthen your value model for the future.

No fluffy, unrealisable solutions. Real world scenario's to go to market


Why is this beneficial for your SME?

Your SME stays ahead of the curve and bypasses disruptive markets

Create extra value by tapping into new technologies

An experienced team of experts adds opportunities and accelerates desicion making


Program overview.

Plan your future

Existing condition

& environmental analysis

In a first in dept conversation we discuss the current situation and map upcoming challenges and relevant trends

During a moderated co-creative workshop with internal and external experts, we explore impact on your businessmodel, optimalisation and actionable strategies.

After a short 'incubation' period, we concretize the action plan in an interactive workshop. Key performance and Key Value indicators are used to secure long term succes.

The results of the process will be documented in a solution based action plan. Acceleration and long term assessments are key in the set up.

Creating & detecting market opportunities

Converging into

concrete solutions


& acceleration report

For who?

For SME's who want to strategize the future


You successfully launched your company and want to set the priorities right to evolve towards the scale-up phase.

Mature companies 

You fear the disruption of your value model by increased global competition, technology evolution, market consolidation or the burden of sustainability and want to find the right way forward.

Business Leaders 

You look forward to your retirement and want to hand over your business to the next generation. How to proceed? That’s the question you want to have answered.

Mark De Colvenaer

Business Engineer, Innovation expert

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