Bringing teams

to the next level


During the intense 4-day Innovation Strategy Bootcamp we help teams bring their idea/product/solution to the next maturity level. Together, we refine the key aspects of your business model needed to successfully take the next hurdle in the venturing process. The bootcamp is hands-on and customer-centric. 

Kunigi combines expertise in venture development with a deep understanding of novel technologies


Why is this workshop beneficial?

Efficient: make a leap in the development of your venture in less than one week

Effective: participants report a higher success rate in their subsequent endeavours

Applicable for a wide range of maturity levels


High performance

4 day Bootcamp



Jointly refining the approach to match your needs and the maturity level of the participating teams/start-ups

Who is the customer? What is the customer pain? 

How to plan for success? what is the MVP? what aspects of the business model need validation? 

Bootcamp phase 1:

value creation

Bootcamp phase 3:

value delivery

What is the value proposition? How to construct the business model?

Bootcamp phase 2:

value capture:


The participating teams work towards a final pitch for a predefined audience (such as investors, executive boards and juries from incubators)

For who?

For startups or corporate ventures.

For boosting startups

For start-up incubators and accelerators that want to boost to their startups

For accelerating corporate venturing

For businesses that want to accelerate their corporate venturing

For ecosystems.

For ecosystems that want to foster their start-ups

Jan Bormans

Ph.D., Engineer, Innovation expert

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