We help you cross the finish line of your next innovation challenge.

We help you to accelerate and grow. By connecting the right experts to your challenge, we co-build your innovative projects through workshops, boot camps, and implementation guidance. We help you cross the finish line of your innovation challenge. 


Business Acceleration

Is your business prone to disruption? Assess where your value model should be optimized.

COVID 19 has an acute impact on many companies. It is a wake-up call and highlights the need to evaluate external factors' effects on a value model regularly. With a structured disruption assessment, we want to help you determine how resilient your value model is.

You’re in good company

Businesses of every size, shape and kind have already made Kunigi the way they want to move forward.

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Interactive workshops

Join the Low Touch EconomyKeep innovating through interactive workshops

In the new low-touch economy, it's important to keep working based on the strengths of your company. In the past weeks, Kunigi has tested multiple online formats to support you in the transition to a new economy.