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Empowering NGRAVE through lean design practices


NGRAVE is an ambitious Belgian startup, specializing in the area of cryptosecurity. Founded by the serial entrepreneur Ruben Merre, Computer scientist Xavier Hendrickx and IT & Business expert Edouard Vanham, NGRAVE strives toward building the world’s coldest wallet.
In partnership with the world-leading R&D innovation Hub for nanoelectronics and chips manufacturing IMEC, they designed a state-of-the-art solution for securing your cryptocurrency. Although they are just getting started they have big ambitions, to achieve this, they worked with us to create a brand in an iterative, lean process.

"Kunigi created a brand for us that has the potential to grow. They managed to understand and perceive our vision and personality, and translated it into an exhaustive brand identity. "

Edouard Vanham — COO, Co-founder 

The kunigi way

Giving NGRAVE the brand they deserve

Together with marketing expert Roderick Lindner, NGRAVE asked us to create a brand they could use for their startup. Because we believe in high-speed, lean go-to-market approaches, we translated this idea into a branding process.  Through continuous collaboration, we built a brand that they could manage themselves with our advice.
Creating the logoThrough a combined acceleration mindset, NGRAVE, and Kunigi came together at IMEC and we started sketching the first logo based on the core values of NGRAVE. This shape research is very basic, on paper, which gives us the chance to discuss and sketch out different possibilities. When relevant possibilities are selected, the process moves to a digital environment where the logo is viewed in the broader spectrum of identity. 
Setting up the identityFor us, a brand identity is not just about the logo. Recognition of your identity should be about colors, shapes, and overall aesthetics.  It's only when people recognize your brand by all these elements, that you can call yourself successful. Your logo is a part of this, but at Kunigi, we want to think bigger. For NGRAVE, this meant thinking about what would be the right way to capture their underground but highly technical, professional outlook.
To achieve this, we chose a quite dark, but very slick identity. An apple-like identity for the underground. Within the service of the brand sprint, I provided a basis identity guide and a first setup of the landing page. 
Modularity & Design AdviceThis was enough to set up the first basic website, but as they didn't have an internal designer, they asked us to keep advising them and co-building their identity in a lean way. To make this process as efficient as possible, we designed modular content blocks that they could place on different locations on the website. Because the implementation was done on their side, we also planned a collaborative brainstorm where I helped them finetune important design technicalities. 

"A lean identity in combination with design advice enabled them togrow their digital brand together with their business."

Matthijs De Block Creative Director, Brand Expert

The outcome

NGRAVE keeps growing and refining their brand every step of the way

NGRAVE is one of the good examples of an ambitious startup that knows how to scale.  Their expertise in building their business is immense, and they know that their brand needs to evolve with them. We are very proud that we can keep guiding them in refining their brand to this day.

Collaborative Brainstorm

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