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ClientThomas More

Thomas More

Reframing Thomas More's education challenges

With 41 bachelors, 16 graduate educations, and more than 17.000 students, Thomas More is the biggest pond for professional talent in the province of Antwerp. Next to their valued educative vision, Thomas More aims to work together with national and international organizations so that students can connect to their field easily.
Thomas More's method prides itself on giving the students the right skills to handle upcoming challenges so they can grow into competent professionals who can tackle the future's challenges. By putting a 'community feeling' in the center of their educational environments, their culture is drenched with peer-to-peer learning and failing forward. Thomas More provides a safe space where young professionals can grow. To improve and implement this vision, they asked Kunigi for help.

“Based on relevant trends, Kunigi enabled us to think about education in a new way.”

The kunigi way

Empowering Thomas More's management to think bigger

Education is evolving quickly. To make sure Thomas More stays at the forefront of this evolution we designed a trajectory to reframe their educational vision within current economic and societal trends and hand them the tools to create more opportunities for future students. 
Differentiation, strengths, and weaknessesHow Thomas More identity is perceived among the different schools is an important part of thinking about their future. To generate a proper understanding of their perceived values, we did pre-brainstorm research based on their digital brand. This allowed us to discuss the strengths and weaknesses before starting the brainstorm. 
From brainstorming to value analysisStarting from relevant economic and societal trends, we put together management and relevant teachers to think about new solutions. By starting from the inherent value of Thomas More's identity, it was clear quite quickly which ideas were relevant to further explore. This exploration took the form of small groups, assessing the value and implementation potential of the ideas. Through value proposition analysis and a pilot canvas, the most interesting ideas were selected.
Crossing the finish line As in every organization, making sure that good ideas get implemented, is half the job. To point them in the right direction, we created a straightforward 'pilot framework', where the teachers could fill in the most relevant goals, tasks, and difficulties for implementing their best ideas. 

"A strong identity can drive innovation in a powerful way. "

Matthijs De BlockCreative Director, Design Thinking expert

The outcome

A viral campaign based on insights of the brainstorm was launched.

One of the insights of the workshops was that Thomas More's campus in Geel, Belgium had a lot of benefits that weren't communicated properly. To cross that finish line, they asked an advertising agency to create a campaign, based on the ideas that were generated during the workshop. A viral campaign was launched to change the perception of Thomas More Geel. 

Collaborative Brainstorm

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