Business Acceleration

A future proof value model requires a structured disruption assessment

Kunigi helps you to identify if your value model is resilient to internal and external challenges. We explore how much attention needs to be improved and de-risked. This disruption assessment follows a 3 step approach:
You fill out the online evaluation. Together we finetune your input. We draft a report with priorities and actions.

Business Acceleration

From disruption awareness to concrete actions!

Running a business is never without a challenge. Sometimes challenges are acute and blatant. Other challenges lie dormant and eat away at the foundations of your company. Kunigi helps you become aware of the threats and define the right action.

Creating awareness

Make the challenges explicit.

Go for action

We ask you for an online evaluation of your business model. This evaluation is the result of years of research by business model experts. A standardized approach makes it possible to compare with best practices.

During a pleasant lunch or a good walk, we go deeper into the evaluation together. We collect additional insights about your company based on concrete examples and situations. In the end, we ask you to retake the assessment.

Based on the evaluation and our meeting, we write you an action plan. We will clearly define which actions make your business model resilient and future-proof.

Business Acceleration

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Assess disruption risks for your business. Make challenges explicit. Underpin your gut feeling with evidence. Learn how other entrepreneurs create value. Take action and make your business stronger.

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