Acess to funding

We support you in acquiring funding 

Launching new successful projects often require funding. Acquiring the right funding and deciding on important focal points takes time, effort, and expertise. The Kunigi “Access to funding” approach makes this easier. 
We help you refine your core strategy and ensure it is adapted to match the current market trends. For your prioritized shortlist of project ideas, we seek matching regional and international non-dilutive funding. We find the right partners. When everybody is on the same page, together with you, we boost, write and edit the full proposal. 


Why do you need acces to funding?

Generate new possibilities for your project or business by acquiring funding

All-in-one solution: from strategy brainstorm to submitted grant dossier

Benefit from our broad network in digital, cities and life sciences context: We help you find the right partners

Get supported by adequate project management of the writing process: you can keep focused on your core activities

Benefit from our alliances with the governmental and financial agencies


Program overview.Plan your resources.

Intake discussion


Valorisation approach

Desk research

Jointly refining the overall ideas and needs of your organisation

½ day brainstorm, resulting in a set of ranked ideas and accompanying initial project definitions to implement them

½ day brainstorm, resulting in a valorisation approach for your project ideas

Extensive  funding strategies and partner search

Pre-defense meeting

Drafting & calls

Kick-off meeting

Pre-defense meeting with funding agency if applicable

Drafting text and budget “spine” in correct templates & Weekly call on progress, biweekly F2F meeting 

Kick-off meeting with internal and external partners

For who?

For businesses of any size that need funding

For businesses of any size that need fundingFor companies and organizations of any size that are confronted by needs for funding
Co-innovation fundingFor companies and organizations that are seeking partners forco-realizing innovation
For companies that want to improve funding  proposal qualityFor companies and organizations that want to improve quality and efficiency in writing funding, dossiers do not have the time/people to coordinate funding dossiers

Veerle De ColvenaerFunding Expert, Biotech, Ph.D.

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