Brand Sprint

From idea to brand identity in 3 days.

The brand sprint is built for speed, refining your core values and translating them into a visual identity. Together with a strategic designer, in 3 days, we work on your brand identity and provide at least 1 designed landing page to kickstart your business. By working very closely together in an iterative and agile way, you have a brand in no time.


Quick value for your business.

Your brand is set up in a few days

Iterative design methods give you quick results

Strategy is undeniably linked to your brand image

We can follow up with qualitative, user-focused design services


Program overview.The brand buildup


Design setup

Design buildup

Creating results

In a first in dept conversation we discuss the core values and target group of your business and link this to a relevant visual style. 

The same day we start sketching the first logo's on paper. After maximum 2 correction rounds we start visualising the brand digitally. 

A brand is more than a logo. Because we believe a digital brand characterises itself in the full digital setup, we start creating a one pager, parallel to the logo. This way the logo is an extension of the full brand image. 

When you are satisfied with the brand image we finalise the logo, decide on typography, colors and the template one pager. At the end you will have a logo, and a basic setup of your brand guidelines.

For who?

For startups & corporate ventures

For lean startups
For startups that want to start testing their product or service in a quick and effective way without spending too much on brand identity in the first stages.
For corporate ventures who need to build a trustworthy caseFor corporate ventures that need a branded case for their (first) board meetings.
For creating the perfect customer brand fitFor startups that want to test different brand strategies with their target group.
For startups who need a design specialistFor startups or ventures who don’t have a design specialist in their core team.

Matthijs De BlockStrategic Designer, Design expert

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