Collaborative Brainstorm

Explore new possibilities. Together.

Businesses, organizations, and ecosystems facing new challenges need efficient and effective ways to explore new future directions. During the Kunigi collaborative brainstorm approach, new opportunities can be explored, based on future trends and cutting-edge business models. This approach has been proven over and over again for a wide variety of businesses. 


Why is trajectory beneficial?

No open-ended brainstorms, Together we work towards project definitions

A truly collaborative approach, combining the views of all the participants

Allows to include various stakeholders, inside and outside the organization

The collaborative nature of the approach helps to achieve buy-in from the whole group

Efficient: our proven approach yields maximum results in a minimum of time


Program overview.Plan your future.

Intake discussion

Joint refinement


½ day brainstorm, resulting in a set of ranked ideas and accompanying initial project definitions to implement them.

In an intake discussion we will jointly refining the challenge.

Iteration about the trends and/or business models to consider.

For who?

For companies and organizations of any size

For ecosystems 
That want to define/refine new projects with their members/stakeholders 

For capturing ideas bottom-upFor companies that want to capture ideas bottom-up from their employees

For companies who are confronted by new trends For companies and organizations of any size that are confronted by new trends and business models as a threat and/or opportunity
For connecting customers and suppliersFor companies that want to reflect on future directions together with their customers and suppliers
For a few to several hundred  participants Brainstorms from a few to several hundred participants have been successfully facilitated by Kunigi

Jan BormansEngineer Ph.D., Design Thinking Expert

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