Design sprint

Create a validated prototype in days.

The Kunigi design-sprint approach is built for speeding up your process, aligning your team, and building things your customer actually cares about. 
Whether you want to launch a new service or rethink an existing one, we enable you to better understand your customer and help you validate your ideas before they reach the market. From defining focus and core to testing assumptions with your end-user, we speed up your go-to-market process and help you set up your new service fast.


Why is this trajectory beneficial?

Empathize with your customers and define their core needs

We will guide you with crossover expertise from a design, business, and engineer standpoint 

Experiment and validation of your product or service can save you a lot of money

You leave with a prototype and tested assumptions


Program overview.Validate your idea.

Understanding and defining your customer

Sketching & Prototyping

Creating & testing

Presenting testing results and defining next steps.

In the consecutive prototyping phase, our prototypers get to work, visualising the new solution towards a prototype. We take into account all previously defined assumptions, to make sure we validate the most critical elements of your new service. 
This prototyping and testing phase will be done by us internally. The results will be shown and discussed in a final day.

We start with empathising your customer. By defining your value proposition and putting this in the perspective of your business model we can model the right customer journey. Understanding the customer is the key output of this day.

The second day will be 4 hours of prototyping. Together we will define the core assumptions and sketch out the services that need to be validated.  The goal is to make sure your service is aligned by testing the most relevant sitemaps and wireframes of your digital experience.

This is it, what it’s all about: discover how potential customers or stakeholders reacted to your new service or strategy. 

In this last day we present the results from the testing and validation process, and discuss vulnerabilities in the service or strategy. 
To make sure you are ready to reach your finish line, we discuss next steps and collect this in a comprehensive overview.

For who?

For businesses that want to understand their customer.

For corporates that want to make their idea tangibleAre you a corporate or a venture that wants to better understand the value of your service or strategy? This trajectory gives you the speed and alignment to build a convincing case.
For startups that want to speed up their market readinessDo you have a service or strategy that needs customer approval? This design sprint makes sure that you detect and understand your customers so you can improve your service.
For any business that wants to understand their customerGood service starts with understanding the need of your target group. Use this design sprint to build up speed and improve your product before you go to market. 

Matthijs De BlockInnovation & UX/UI expert

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