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Your business does not run in isolation. Strategic partners, knowledge institutions, government, distributors, or key customers are all part of your success. Through our ecosystem development services, we can make sure your business is embedded in tech ecosystems. Together we pave the way for growth. 


Why is this beneficial for your organization?

Connect with business partners or potential customers. Build trust for your next deal

Get inspired by other entrepreneurs. Cooperate on diverse business opportunities.

Nurture ideas and develop consortia to turn them into sustainable business success

Allow other people to learn from your success and use the ecosystem as your amplifier


Program overview.Catalyze your business.

Get informed




Multidisciplinarity and ecosystem services are a core ingredient of Kunigi’s approach. For that reason, Kunigi is actively involved in ecosystem development initiatives. When you engage with us, we will inform you as much as possible about the trends and opportunities relevant for your business.

If your are convinced of the added value of business ecosystems you can play a more active role. Connect to the tech ecosystems Kunigi is supporting. This will give you immediate insight and contacts with key ecosystem stakeholders as source of new business ideas.

We support you in turning ideas into reality. To help you cross your finish line of your next innovation challenge we help you in setting up project consortia, developing the projects, applying for funding and supporting the execution.

Your success can serve as inspiration for new projects If you agree we take it along in our ecosystem activities and gradually build upon it to strengthen your business and the overall ecosystem in which you will play an important role.

For who?

For business leaderwho need ecosystems

Inspiration for the next stepInspire and get inspired during open ideation and brainstorm sessions with stakeholders from health, smart city, and deep tech ecosystems.
Lack of expertiseGet acquainted with business and academic partners in the ecosystem and engage them to fill the expertise gap in your business. 
Validation supportValidate your ideas with ecosystem stakeholders to speed up an innovation process or boost your business development activities. 
Internationalization Get prepared and explore new markets in close collaboration with ‘those who paved the way’. 

Mark de ColvenaerEcosystem Expert, Business Engineer

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Strengthen your value model for the future. Leave the table with refined priorities for future challenges.

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